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Chimney Repair Kingwood

Chimney Repair & Replacement

We perform chimney repair services such as cap, chase, and flashing replacements, crown repair/rebuild, firebox repairs, sealing, and mortar repairs.

Apartments & Condominiums

Our detailed estimates come with aerial photos corresponding to each chimney and services needed. We provide the appropriate safety equipment.

Chimney Sweep & Cleaning

Our chimney sweep includes a full inspection and cleaning of your fireplace and chimney to ensure all parts of your chimney are safe to use.

Smaller Residences

Schedule a booking for safe usage of any fireplace so dangerous fumes & smoke escape safely. After work is completed, we show before and after photos.

Chimney Repair Kingwood TX

We complete both large and small projects for chimney repair Kingwood & inspection services. Keep your property safe with annual inspections.

With this line of work, hire a company with trained, experienced and knowledgeable technicians that seek to explain why a chimney repair would be necessary. On every job, a lead technician arrives with the appropriate equipment to conduct a detailed inspection complete with photos that show what chimney repair needs to be done and the degree to which the repair affects the safety of chimney usage.

It is recommended to have an annual inspection on your fireplace and chimney before using, especially when moving into a new home. A functional and efficient chimney will properly remove smoke, fumes, and toxins from your space.

Upon inspections, sometimes we find unwanted animals and repairs needing attention. These situations can cause smoke build-up and be harmful for inhalation. We take care of all of these services. Besides our thorough chimney sweeps, we provide chimney repair Kingwood Tx and replacement for different parts of your chimney and fireplace.

When you call us, please explain what services you are needing and we will be happy to book you for any chimney repair Kingwood and the Greater area. Many times, we give your chimney a seal of approval on the inspection report for efficient use and will always be honest.

If we see something needing attention, we provide quick turnaround time to get the job done. Large projects do not need to be daunting; we keep the repairs organized and without taking months to complete. After we complete all repairs, we can forward a completion report to an HOA. You can be assured we use top quality equipment and products so that your chimney can have its best life.

We complete projects for residential or commercial properties with chimney repair in Kingwood Tx. All of our work that we provide is also warrantied for your peace of mind. Enjoy the winter months with a hassle free call to schedule a booking.

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Chimney Repair Kingwood Tx
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Chimney Repair Kingwood Services

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Chimney Caps

The purpose of a chimney cap is to keep out rain, branches/leaves, and animals from going down the chimney flue (the actual pipe going down your chimney). Without one, wind can cause smoke build up at your fireplace or fire at the exit of your chimney due to leaves and nests. We can definitely replace or install one for your chimney!

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Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is at the top of the chimney and is usually composed of mortar or cement. Over time, chimney crowns tend to crack and cause water leaks. For this chimney repair, we overlay Portland cement to prevent further cracks and leaking. Let us know if you would like us to repair or replace your crown.

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Various Chimney Repair Kingwood Services

In addition to the cap and crown, we replace chimney chase covers with materials like stainless steel, aluminum, or copper that do not rust easily. We repair flashing (waterproof seal to protect chimney and roof), repair fireboxes, and rebuild chimneys completely.

Top Notch Chimney Repair Kingwood Tx Team


High Quality Project Management

Our lead technicians keep your reports organized and takes photos so you see exactly what we recommend. Our reports are detailed and labelled per each chimney for large scale jobs.


Safety Protocol

Some chimneys emerge from flat roofs and others from steep. Be assured we have the proper equipment, safety protocol, and trained techs that also use non toxic chemicals.


Financing Available

In some cases, financing is available. For more information, please contact us after we have initiated the inspection of your chimney/fireplace.

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