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Water Damage Restoration

Wood rots and mold grows after 24 hours of having water damage. Prevent further damage of your home and hire a water damage restoration company that works efficiently to restore your home.

Water Removal

Commercial grade tools to vacuum & dry all contaminated water & prevent mold growth for water restoration

De-Humidify & Sanitize

Use proper positioning of dryers & air movers, remediation to neutralize mold, remove baseboards and drywall to eliminate moisture


Replace baseboards, drywall, insulation, carpets, & flooring

AZ Remodeling & Restoration’s goal is to make your home live-able again. Our efficient crews will do a full damage assessment to see what water restoration services need to be rendered and provide an estimate. We keep you informed during the whole water restoration process and work efficiently to safely restore your home. We are certified, insured, and warranty our work

For any water damage restoration, especially after a flood, it is important to not use electricity or attempt to remove the water without professional equipment. We provide water removal as well as sewage extraction. Both of these services may have biological contaminants and are dangerous to manage and lead to mold growth. Mold tends to break down organic material which is why we like to remove all standing water immediately. Not only do we deal with standing water, but also air moisture, and we use commercial air movers, vacuums, dryers, & de-humidifiers to remove all water and humid air.

To remove all moisture from your property, we take out the baseboards, drywall cavities, insulation, and sometimes flooring. We deal with any water damage restoration including flood damage, burst water pipes, leaks, sewage spills, & overflows.

If there is any mildew-like odor, chances are that mold is growing. Symptoms of having mold that then spreads toxins into the air include headaches and allergies, and can be a threat to your health. Mold tends to spread in damp areas such as carpet, wood, wallpaper, & glue. We conduct mold remediation services using commercial disinfectants, sealants &  containment zones to sanitize the infected areas.

Our crews are trained to work in hazardous conditions and have commercial grade equipment & tools for proper water damage restoration. Once all contaminants are rid of, we can then restore your home with reinstallation of baseboards, drywall, etc.

curb cleanup services
curb cleanup services

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Top Water Restoration Management

Our team leaders execute projects with great detail and organization. We encourage open communication to ensure your expectations are exceeded.


Commercial Grade Technology

We use the latest technology for water damage restoration and mold remediation including industrial strength dryers, sealants, disinfectants, & containment zone implementation


Water Damage Restoration Assessment

Before any services start, we conduct a complete damage assessment to assess what services & tools are needed, how we will approach the project, and give an estimate.

curb cleanup services

Water Restoration Assessment

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Storm/Wind Damage Restoration

We handle any damage due to severe weather including hurricanes, high winds, and hard freezes. We conduct cleanup, tree removal services, & structural repairs. Bad weather is all too common, especially in Houston. We conduct water damage restoration for any type of storm or wind damage.

fire damage restoration service

Fire Damage Restoration

We conduct complete odor removal, ash & water extraction, smoke removal, structural restoration, firehose flooding removal, mold remediation using sodablasting techniques for all properties.

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